There is a need to identify new therapeutics for the treatment of serious infections and cancer. Given an increasing population of immunocompromised individuals, in particular those undergoing treatment for cancer, fungal and bacterial infections lead to debilitative illnesses and require alternative therapeutics. For the last couple of decades, newly approved therapeutics are related to the same class of drugs that are failing in the clinic. Sano Chemicals is developing first-in-class therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.



Sano Chemicals is also developing a novel antibacterial product named MUT001. MUT001 is a combination of analogs of the antibiotic mutacin 1140. The use of these analogs together, improves the inhibitory activity and the delivery of the drug. Our drug product has been shown to be superior to vancomycin in a preclinical methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus systemic infection model (see publications). MUT001 would also be a first-in-class therapeutic for the treatment of Gram-positive infections. Due to its unique mechanism of action, MUT1140 is active against vancomycin and methicillin resistant Gram-positive pathogens.


Sano Chemicals has an interested in licensing opportunities of other isolated antimicrobial compounds with unique mechanisms of action.

Antimicrobial Discovery


Sano chemicals is actively identifying novel agents that can be screened for potential applications in treating or preventing infectious diseases. A substantial amount of work has been done to characterize an antifungal we named occidiofungin. Current studies support investigational studies aimed at determining occidiofungin's therapeutic potential for the treatment of fungal infections. A detailed structural analysis, spectrum of activity, and animal toxicity studies have been performed on occidiofungin (see publications). From these studies, occidiofungin has been determined to be rapidly fungicidal at submicromolar concentrations and has a broader spectrum of activity than other clinically used antifungals. Furthermore, compared to antifungals used to treat serious fungal infections, occidiofungin appears to have less of a toxicological effect in an animal study compared to clinically approved antifungal agents. These properties are likely attributed to the compound's unique mechanism of action, in which it interferes with higher order actin cable formation. Occidiofungin is agreeable to modification, enabling the development of a high-throughput screening opportunity for novel analogs that can potentially be developed as new anticancer drugs. Occidiofungin is a first-in-class therapeutic for the treatment of fungal infections and cancer. In preclinical studies, our drug product formulation OCF001 was shown to be effective in treating an intravaginal yeast infection, while demonstrating superiority over miconazole.


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