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Occidiofungin is Sano's lead compound and is a first-in-class compound which utilizes a novel mechanism of action. Originally discovered in 2009, it exhibits potent activity against an array of drug-resistant pathogens. Given its spectrum of activity, it is under investigation as a cure for recurrent vulvovaginal yeast infections, systemic fungal infections, and for dermal and mucosal applications.

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What is Occidiofungin?

Occidiofungin is a natural product produced by our proprietary bacterial strain. After being cultivated at our facilities with patented technology, occidiofungin is extracted and purified. The compound kills fungi and restricts growth by disrupting actin filaments, resulting in apoptotic cell death.

Treatment for Chronic Yeast Infections

Occidiofungin is being studied for the treatment of recurrent vulvo-vaginal candidiasis (RVVC) in adult women. Currently, our drug has completed nonclinical studies which indicate safety and efficacy in animals, and is pending Phase I clinical trials to verify this in humans.

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Treatment for Other Severe Fungal Infections

Increasingly, drug resistant fungi present a threat to patients, particularly those that are immunocompromised or immunodeficient as a result of heredity or due to chemotherapy. Occidiofungin will be investigated as a systemic treatment which could offer solutions to such infections.

Occidiofungin as an Anticancer Agent

In vitro toxicity studies demonstrate that occidiofungin has potent activity against brain, ovarian, and lymphoma cell lines. With the use of proprietary technology to synthesize and identify new analogs of occidiofungin with enhanced pharmacological properties, Sano is well positioned for the development of novel first-in-class anticancer therapeutics.  Identification of first-in-class anticancer therapeutics could provide patients a new opportunity to fight and defeat cancer.

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