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Sano Chemicals is primarily focused on the development of novel anti-infectives for clinical and agricultural use. The word “Sano” is derived from the Latin word meaning health, thus, we are focused on the development of products that will promote our health and a healthy and sustainable environment. Sano Chemicals is focusing on the development of antifungal treatment options for fungal infections and antifungal bio-control methods for crops. Our goal is to innovate the anti-fungal industry. The antifungal occidiofungin is a completely unique antifungal compound discovered by researchers at Mississippi State University and Texas A&M University. Novel applications in occidiofungin's use are being developed through the innovative endeavors of our scientists. Products that cure fungal infections (nail, skin, and systemic), as well as products that promote a sustainable food supply by targeting fungal diseases in plants are being developed.

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Our Team
James L Smith, CEO

Contact: jsmith@sanochemicals.com

Dr. Smith has a Doctorate degree in Biochemistry and an M.B.A. degree in Finance and Competitive Strategy. He was a Project Leader at Oragenics for four years, which is a publically traded biotechnology company in Alachua Florida. In addition, he served as an Executive Director of the Able Trust Foundation in Tallahassee FL for five years through a gubernatorial appointment by Jeb Bush. As an executive committee member, he served as treasurer and secretary. Dr. Smith also brings over a decade of experience in the antimicrobial field of research and development.

Ravi Orugunty, Vice President of Product Development
Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmacology

Contact: rorugunty@sanochemicals.com

Dr. Orugunty has two doctorate degrees from University of Florida in Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. He is experienced with bioanalytical and analytical chemistry. He has extensive product development experience with his tenure at Cerilliant (EMD MilliporeSigma). Further, Ravi has extensive experience in bioanalytical method development and validation gained from his tenure with Worldwide Clinical Trials Inc. Dr. Orugunty's efforts will facilitate the development of novel therapeutic products in Sano's pipeline.

Shien Lu, Chief Scientist
Plant Pathology

Contact: info@sanochemicals.com

Dr. Lu has a Doctorate degree in Plant Pathology. As a Principal Investigator, he has been working on bacterial genetics of biosynthesis of antimicrobial compounds at Mississippi State University since 2004. Prior to join the faculty of Mississippi State, he was involved in genetic analysis of antimicrobial biosynthesis of Pseudomonas as a primary investigator at Washington State University and Texas A&M University since 1998. He also was involved in various research projects on and microbiology and plant pathology in China from 1984-1997. Dr. Lu brings extensive experience in research and development of antimicrobial products produced by bacteria.

Stephen Pruett, Chief Scientist
Infectious Diseases & Toxicology 

Contact: info@sanochemicals.com

Josh Jeanson, Operations Officer
Business Development

Contact: jjeanson@sanochemicals.com

Mr. Jeanson received his J.D. degree from the University of Mississippi. He has ten years of experience in managing intellectual property development. His expertise is being utilized for maintaining business operations and business development.

Frank Austin, Chief Scientist
Veterinary Medicine 

Contact: info@sanochemicals.com

Dr. Austin aais a veterinarian who has an additional doctoral degree in microbiology. He has been on the faculty of Mississippi State University in the College of Veterinary Medicine for the past 22 years. His appointment at the College of Veterinary Medicine is in the Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine and concerns diagnostic microbiology of viruses, bacteria and fungi. He has major responsibilities in teaching, research and service in serving as the Director of Microbiology at the Diagnostic Laboratory in the College. Dr. Austin has greater than 25 years of experience as a veterinary diagnostic microbiologist.

Board Composition
James L. Smith, Chairman of the Board
Frank Austin, Secretary and Treasurer
Timothy C. Hiebert
Stephen Pruett
Shien Lu
Joh Ferreira, Quality Operations 
Dan Wierda, Ph.D., Toxicology
Jerome Escano, Ph.D., Microbiology

Dr. Pruett has a doctorate degree from LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport. He is the Department Head of the Department of Basic Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University. He has over 25 years of experience with rodent models of infectious diseases and cancer with emphasis on the immune system and toxicology. Dr. Pruett brings extensive experience in toxicological and efficacy studies for the development of new therapeutics.

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