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Our Company

We chose our name from the Latin word Sano, meaning health. Sano Chemicals is a clinical stage company with a mission to develops novel drug products for combatting  infectious diseases. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a serious medical issue leaving a large patient population with no effective treatment options. Sano Chemicals is focused on making first-in-class drug products available to the public through rigorous and ambitious research and development endeavors.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Our Mission

At Sano Chemicals, we believe that innovation can foster higher standards of care and higher quality of life for patients afflicted by infectious diseases. We are developing first-in-class treatments for antimicrobial resistant fungi and bacteria infections, in which millions of people worldwide have no effective treatment options available to them.

Taking Samples

Our Story

Sano Chemicals was founded in 2012 in Bryan, Texas near Texas A&M University, known globally for its innovative research program. We have worked closely with the University, and are independent recipients of awards through the Texas New Venture Competition and Mass Challenge, and have earned a reputation for integrity and ingenuity.

Taking Samples
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