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Image by Isaac Quesada

Sano Chemicals is focused on developing new treatments for drug-resistant infections. For the past several decades, bacteria and fungi have been acquiring resistance to current drugs, requiring the development of new drugs to stay ahead of the evolutionary curve.

Our Pipeline


Occidiofungin: A new antifungal treatment

Occidiofungin is under investigation as a response to increasing prevalence of antifungal resistance. Its unique mechanism of action suggests great potential in the fight against cancer, in addition to multiple antifungal indications.

Image by CDC

Mutacin: A novel antibiotic

Mutacin's spectrum of activity suggests utility against hospital aquired drug-resistant infections of both dermal and systemic nature, including MRSA. In an age of increasing antibiotic resistance, this is of great concern to health and national security agencies.

Image by CDC
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